Technical data Coconut thatch

Length:   45 cm.            
Width: 30 cm.            
Thickness:   1 cm.            
shingles per m2: 16 stuks            
Weight per shingle: 0,31 kg.            
Weight per m2: 5 kg.            
Material: PVC            
Fire certification:  EN 13501-5    B roof        
Warranty: 20 years on fungi and rot        
Discoloration: 2-5% discoloration per year over a 15 year period    
First shingle 28 cm. from the edge of the roof.          
Distance between first and second row: 10 cm.            
Distance between every row thereafter: 18 cm.             
The roof is waterproof if a sheet of Silisto waterproof, fire retardant and permeable tarp is used underneath the
Coconut thatch.