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A natural thatched roof has a beautiful appearance. It gives the house a rustic cachet. Unfortunately there are many disadvantages to a natural thatched roof. Think about the fire risk; natural reed is extremely flammable. So it needs special fire-resistant measures and is subject to special insurance requirements. Natural reed discolors and after 10 years is covered with algae, mosses and fungi. Also damage occurs by rodents and insects. Natural reed requires a lot of maintenance. Many countries have restrictions and require a permit for applying a natural thatch roof.

To retain the same allure of a natural thatched roof while simultaneously enjoying the many benefits of this type of roofing, we imported Arundo Reed to Europe. Arundo Reed is the name for synthetic reed thatch. The material is fireproof, will not discolor and will not rot. Birds and vermin leave the matter untouched which prevents damage. Arundo Reed is a low-maintenance and durable roofing solution.

Arundo Reed falls under the category ‘solid roof covering’. Roofing with artificial reed requires no special fire retardant measures or special insurance. The surprise of Arundo Reed is that you can apply to many types of roofs. Think roofs with slopes of less than 30 degrees. Arundo Reed is composed of a combination of 4 colors, so that the product has a natural appearance. Arundo Reed is also available in a single color or a combination of two colors. Please call us for details.