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With Viro fiber you can make any design lifelike and grand.

A frame is built from the design and the Viro fiber is braided through it.

Viro fiber is an all-weather synthetic material made from HDPE.

Viro has been working with architects and designers for 13 years, and has installed more than 100 projects at hotels, resorts and theme parks around the world.

The Dome and the Hanging nest are a small example to see in our showroom.

So if you have a nice design for your theme park or recreation park, please contact us and we can make a quote for you.

some of the revolutionary and innovative design features of Viro’s archineering are:

Completely maintenance-free.

UV resistant and 100% recyclable

Does not fade or discolor.

resistant to termites and other pests.

Resistant to all weather conditions.

Available with a built-in flame retardant formula.

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