Viro Reed

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New in our range is the Viro Reed.

An synthetic thatched roof with a very natural look.

The Viro Reed can be used well on houses, sheds, porches or your garden house.  By the Viro Reed we have a thickened leading edge, the Broom. Gives the roof an even more natural reed look. This one is 10 cm thick.

A waterproof cloth must also be laid under Viro Reed to make the roof completely waterproof. We can also supply these to you.
  • Maintenance free, will not rot.
  • Resistant to termites, birds, and other pests.
  • 100% recyclable. Made of high density HDPE polyethylene.
  • The Viro Reed will not fade or discolor.
  • Also available in fireproof.
  • 6 mats in 1 square meter.
  • Can be installed yourself.


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