Arundo Reed thatch

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A natural thatched roof gives a house a special appearance. However, there are also many disadvantages to a natural thatched roof. Many people dread the high purchase price and maintenance of the thatched roofs. Artificial reed has been used as roofing material for years and is a great alternative to natural reed. Synthetic thatched roofs are a solution when natural thatch cannot be used, such as on roofs with a pitched slope.

To maintain the allure of a natural thatched roof while enjoying the many benefits of artificial thatch, we, Arundo Reed, have an synthetic thatched roof for you. Whether you call it artificial reed or fake reed, it does not matter. Come and have a look in our showroom and we can tell you everything about our beautiful products.


The advantages of the Arundo Reed thatch:

Allure thatched roof non-combustible

No extra insurance

Will  discolour over the years *

Don’t rot

Resistant to birds and vermin

Virtually no algae, mosses and fungus

Almost no maintenance

*Arundo Reed has a 15 year limited color warranty. Arundo Reed discolors 2-5% per year. It will take about 15 years before it will have the gray color of a natural thatched roof.

Arundo Reed and the Arundo Reed products are not synthetic wicker plates or synthetic wicker panels. The artificial reed and artificial palm are shingles/thatch, and are therefore easy to use on the roofs. On large and small roofs and roofs with intricate curves and angles. This is because the thatch is also flexible.

If you would like more information about an artificial thatched roof and if you would like to know more about the differences between natural thatched roofs and synthetic thatched roofs, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide you with the desired information.

Arundo Reed can be used for many projects.

* New construction

* Porches / Arbor

* Renovation

* Garden houses

* Amusement parks

* Interior construction

* Holiday parks

* Exterior decoration

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