Viro umbrella’s

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Bring the summer into your garden with the beautiful synthetic reed umbrella’s from Arundo Reed. The synthetic reed umbrella’s are also called the Viro umbrellas. The Viro umbrella is a synthetic, vermin-resistant, 100% recyclable reed and palm parasol. The umbrella’s  not only provides a cozy summer atmosphere in your garden. The umbrella also provides a wonderful place to cool off on a hot day.

Cool off in the summer under your own artificial reed parasol!

An synthetic reed umbrella provides a lovely shaded spot in your garden. The umbrella  is made of a polyethylene PE. The advantage of this is that the reed umbrella  do not discolour and therefore remain beautiful. Arundo Reed uses Virofiber. Virofiber is the leading producer of environmentally friendly weather-independent wickerwork and introduces a synthetic reed solution for parasols. Because Arundo Reed uses Virofiber, the durabilithy time of the umbrella is guaranteed for years to come.

The synthetic reed umbrella’s are available in different shapes and sizes.

The synthetic reed umbrella’s are available in four types of roof materials. You can choose from Java, Bali, Coconut and reed. The umbrella’s are available in three different diameters (2m, 2.75m and 3.35m).

The mats are also available separately.  If you have an existing parasol or gasebo, with the same metal frame, with worn out natural wicker mats, you can replace it with our synthetic mats. The frame has rings with a distance of 30cm. The loose mats are 78 cm wide and 60 cm long. You only need to replace your old umbrella with Viro umbrella mats once. You will then enjoy your umbrella for many years without having to worry about it.

The synthetic reed umbrella is not collapsible and does not have to be brought inside in the winter. Leave him outside and you will also enjoy a cozy atmosphere in your garden in the winter. Are you looking for a durable and maintenance-friendly reed umbrella? Then choose the synthetic reed umbrella from Arundo Reed. The umbrella’s are a beautiful decoration for the swimming pool, on the beach or simply as decoration in your garden. Would you like more information about the umbrella’s or would you like to know more about our other products? Please feel free to contact us!


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