Tropical gardens

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You can certainly contact us for a Tropiche garden. With our products you can create the desired tropical atmosphere in your garden. You can also contact us for the entire construction. We have 33 years of experience with our former gardening company Maul.

Exotic gardens, tropical gardens, or gardens with a Mediterranean or subtropical slant have become very popular in recent years. This way you bring the holiday atmosphere to your own home. When you think of a tropical garden, you mainly think of sheltered spots with lots of greenery to avoid the worst heat of the day, to retreat for a while, and of course also to drink a nice cool drink. With lots of greenery and screens, the garden is made extra exciting and nice corners can be created.

A tropical garden consists of many exotic plants. Exotic plants are tropical garden plants that can survive in the Dutch climate. These tropical exotic plants bring the holiday feeling back to your garden.

A tropical garden has a lot of color, think of blue, green and yellow tones. With tropical plants and summery pavement you imagine yourself in a tropical paradise.

Creating a tropical atmosphere is of course also possible with a Mediterranean decor.

Place a tiki bar, an arbor. For example, a gazebo above your jacuzzi. But also a gazebo to sit in the shade, read a book or just have a drink with friends. An arbor with artificial reed makes it complete. and then we also have a choice of several types of artificial reed or artificial palm to make it your own slice. Or a parasol with the same artificial reed or artificial palm on it. This way you have a tropical, cozy atmosphere in the garden all year round.